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The Eastern Africa region is one of the most diverse AMCF regions.  More than half of the Countries are either having an active conflict or are emerging from an internal conflict.  On the religious front, some countries have a thriving MCF and chaplaincy such as Kenya while others have scarcity information about military Christians in the 4 Countries.  However God has granted us grace to be his servants in encouraging military Christians both at individual levels, MCFs, or chaplaincies.


To give an overview of the current MCF, and chaplaincy situation in each of the regional Countries.


Efforts to encourage Tanzania military to form a Chaplaincy and MCF are still underway.  Hope has been expressed for both organizations.  Since there is adequate evidence of great potential.  In the meantime we have continued to encourage military Christians at individual level.  Those who attended the African Conference are being followed up and new contacts have  been established.  One such contact is Brig W. Kabunda, a serving officer with TPDR (cell phone No +255784409017).  The contact was established by Gen Mwaniki and a personal friendship developed.  He has never heard of the MCF.  Pray for this brother as he has the seal to lead a neucleus MCF in Tanzania.


Uganda fellowship has seen a slow growth due to official policy against Christian activity in the barracks.  However, the military Christians in Uganda are encouraged and on fire for the Lord.  The regional secretariat in conjunction with Accts MMI recently sent three missionaries to visit and encourage the brethren.  During this visit it was decided that Uganda will host a regional MCF conference in Sept 2010.  In preparations, the Nairobi secretariat will send brethren to Uganda for the pray and plan for 2010 AMCF conference in Uganda.


Burundi military Christians are thriving and eager for the gospel.  The chaplaincy in Burundi has now been formalized.  Pray for the young chaplaincy and growth of MCF in Burundi.


Rwanda progress has been hampered by official policy against Christian activity in the barracks.  The individual contacts in Rwanda are thriving.  They have a desire to form a chaplaincy.  Pray for the formation of  chaplaincy in Rwanda


Southern Sudan is emerging from a civil war.  The military Christians  are thriving under difficult circumstances.  A continued Mission journey with Accts MMI has helped us to establish relationships.  They desire to strengthen and formalize their chaplaincy as well as form an MCF.   The region is sending Rev Emojong as a visiting missionary for Southern Sudan.  Pray for our mission to Southern Sudan.


Ethiopia military has limited access to outside world due to official policy.  However the military Christian there have been contacted through a fellowship of retired officers Pray for wisdom for military Christians in Ethiopia and the fellowship of retired officers.


DR CONGO is emerging from a civil war and the military Christians there are encouraged.  The infrastructure for chaplaincy in the DR Congo less Army is strong and need to be encouraged.  They are eager to form an MCF.  Pray for the contacts we have and chaplaincy in DR Congo.


Somalia is a Muslim Country whose government failed about 20 years ago.  Military Christian contacts are few and contact is lost quickly after due to circumstances in the Country.  Pray for more contacts in Somalia.


Kenya MCF and chaplaincy are blessed to be the beacon in the region.  A new leadership for MCFK will be inaugurated in December 2009.  Meanwhile a support organization the Military Fellowship Support (MFS) was born in August this year to provide necessary support to MCFs and chaplaincies in the region.  Pray for the new support org to thrive and shine for Jesus.


1.      2010 regional Conference in Sept 2010 Uganda.

2.      Secretariat visits to Uganda.

3.      Mission visits to Sudan.

4.      Encouragement visit to Burundi.

5.      MFS activities




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