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MGen(Ret) Imad Ma'ayah


Middle East countries have a population of about 230000000million in 19 countries; the majority of the population religion is Islam with very low percentage of Christians in some countries.

The Armed forces of those countries in addition to the air force and navy are from Muslims in addition to low percentage of Christians in a very few members of those countries as Jordan , Egypt , Sudan , Lebanon , Syria , Iraq, Israel.

The situation in this area is critical not as other areas in the world and need more wisdom in dealing with any organization.



With MCF

Without MCf













Others countries have desire to establish MCF and there are efforts specially by MMI coordinators as Egypt and Lebanon

The Middle east Region countries are located in 2 continents ( Asia and Africa )

In Asia there are 12 countries: Jordan Syria , Iraq , Lebanon, Israel , Palestine , Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Bahrain , Qatar , UAE , Oman.

In Africa there are 7 countries: Egypt , Sudan , Libya, Morocco , Tunisia , Algeria and Mauritania

• Faith mix in the region:

Islam is by all means the dominant religion of the region, and also the leading religion for culture, politics and to some extent even business, while Christianity is coming as the Second one.

• Faith mix in church:

In Asia countries ( Ex. Arabian gulf countries ) countries as Jordan , Lebanon , Iraq , Syria , Israel and Palestine churches are divided in two divisions

1. Traditional (old) churches such as Orthodox, Catholic and Catholic

2. Evangelical(new ) churches such as Anglican, Evangelical ( born-again) , and etc.

3. Others: Mormon , Jehovah's witnesses , etc.

Church mix in Asia ( Arabian Gulf countries)

• In some countries such as Oman, Bahrain , Qatar, Kuwait there are new formal churches , in others as Saudi Arabia , there no churches except some informal house meeting for worship and pray.

Churches mix in Africa

• Some countries like Egypt and Sudan have traditional ( old) churches as Coptic in Egypt and some other Evangelical Churches

• Other African countries as Algeria , Tunisia , Libya , Morocco , Mauritania, they didnt have any churches except some in Tunisia since the Italians& left French left the country . Now there are many home churches for Moslem converted ones in addition to very few members of the formal churches

• Political / Cultural issues

Political issue different from one country to another , from Democratic, elected, regime , to monarchy and from following the civil constitution to Islamic Sharia


• We can say that we are in the

beginning of our efforts in the Middle

East area.

• In Some countries the idea and the

expression of MCF was adopted.


The name itself (military) not easy to market.

• Usually the idea is coming from evangelical(born-again)Christian members which is not accepted by other traditional culture.

• The recent situation of the Area makes it harder to travel across the countries.


• God's "open door". Yes we pray that

God will help to break the ice and

to destroy the berms, then to open

the door for his work, to bring

peace and happiness to the region


• The recent situation of the Area.

• The Israeli Palestinian conflict.

• The Islamic Ideology



Three key priorities (visions) for the next five years

1. In spite of all the difficulties and complicated situation in the area, we have to look to the future in optimistic look by the help of the Lord Jesus Christ and His well.

2. Our vision is to look to the countries, where Christians are found in their armed forces as Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.

3. To Strengthen the MCF in Jordan and Sudan and to find other in Egypt and Lebanon I the first priority and the future vision in the future.

4. Strengthening the relations between the Middle East ME VP and MMI ACCTS coordinators of the ME region.




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