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      VP Report for Europe, North and East

                                      Torbjorn Bostrom (ENE VP)



 Europe has a population of about 730 million people in 45 countries. It is

the birthplace of the western culture hat has perhaps given both the best and

the worst to civilization. Although the cradle of Christian missionary enterprise,

today in Europe belief in God is being pressed hard by atheist philosophy

and secular politics.    



 The ENE region consists of 20 countries. 8 countries has MCF, 2 of them has 2 MCFs. There
is a mixture of mainly protestant and orthodox countries, protestant in the Nordic and orthodox in the eastern. Poland and Lithuania are exceptions, and they are mainly catholic. Most of the countries are open and relatively easy to travel to/in. There is a little more visa-administration in some parts of the region.



  The MCFs who are alive today are pretty well working. Norway has an outreach to Albania
which is encouraging. Finland has strong work with in the country as well as Bulgaria, Poland and Ukraine. The evangelical MCF in Russia is under reforming, while the Orthodox is working within the military.

  After some years of very low to no activity the Danish MCF decided to close down last year.
This is depressive and we are praying for a renewal. The Swedish MCF is struggling with low activity but has an inflow of members. Celebrated 80 years this year.

  During the European Conference in London a spontaneous meeting took place between the
countries around the Baltic sea. The aim was to re-establish Nordic -

Baltic cooperation again. This is hopefully an open door to use. At the same confer-

ence delegates from Cyprus and Greece took place, which has never happened

before. This gives hope for forming MCFs in these countries.

  There are always threats to our activities. The two most obvious now is political and
economic. They can only be defeated by prayer.



 For the next five years I have a vision for

    A renewal in Denmark,

  A growth in the Baltics

  A building of relations for the future on the bricks developed in the

    south and south-east of ENE.




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