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  1. Subject or Introduction:  My Country Name            

                             SRI LANKA


2. Background:  

       a. How many Fellowships are functioning (eg, Army, Navy, Airforce, Police) brief history of each.

                                   THREE Army Navy Airforce


  b. Faith /church mix in your country

               Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal AOG.


             c. Political/Cultural issues

                                    ?  ? ?

     3. Discussion:

              a. Strength of MCF – The determination to be a non-denominational unifying force of all Christians           

                                                  in the three Defence Forces and the Police.


              b. Weakness of MCF – The scattering of our members to various parts of the country due to.

                                                     exigency of the on-going ethnic ‘war’.


              c. Opportunities - God's "Open doors" -

                                                     The very nature of the ‘weakness’ above (3.b) gives us the opportunity to  

                                                     reach out to those in situations where spiritual mental and even physical

                                                      counselling and comforting is required. This also gives us chances to bring

                                                               them to the Lord.


           d. Threats/risks

           Extract from Circular Letter of the National Christian Fellowship of Sri Lanka dated 07 January 2009      

“The Anti-Conversion Bill was presented, cloaked in secrecy, for a second reading to the Sri Lankan      Parliament yesterday ( 06 January ). It is expected that the Bill will go up for a Third Reading in Feb   and be passed, with serious consequences for Christians in Sri Lanka.”

 This is a very reprehensive Bill and is designed to eventually stop even ‘Prayer Cells’ in homes of Christians.                                                                


    e. Conferences/seminars/retreats held with 'THEME" and brief report

                                         2006 CONVENTION – SOUTH ASIA

                                         2008 REVIVAL – Theme “JESUS IS OUR PEACE”

                                                                     For all ranks and families of the Army, Navy & Airforce.


    f.  Visits by AMCF,ACCTS,MSO staff


4. Conclusion / Way ahead

    a. three key priorities (Visions) for MCF action in next 5 years.


ö   Establish  active Regional Cells (combining all four services, to function under the direction of the MCF


ö  To associate and interact closely with the Christian Fellowships in the Army, Navy, Airforce & Police

through the respective HQ


ö  To eventually seek recognition and support from all churches in SL and from Government as an essential body within the Forces for their Christian welfare.








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